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LMDS200-LB Microwave Radar Probe Base on 24Ghz Microwave

LMDS200-LB Microwave Radar Probe Base on 24Ghz Microwave
LMDS200-LB Microwave Radar Probe Base on 24Ghz Microwave
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  • Brand: Dragino
  • Model: LMDS200 Microwave Radar Probe Base on 24Ghz Microwave
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The Dragino MDS200-LB is a LoRaWAN Microwave Radar distance sensor. It uses 24Ghz Microwave to detect the distance between sensor and different objects. Compare vs ultrasonic or Lidar measurement method, Microwave Radar is more reliable for condensation / dusty environment. It can sense correct distance even there is water or thick dust on top of the sensor.

The MDS200-LB can be applied to scenarios such as horizontal distance measurement, parking management system, object proximity and presence detection, intelligent trash can management system, robot obstacle avoidance, automatic control, sewer, etc.

MDS200-LB can measure two distances: the closest object and next object behind the closest one.

MDS200-LB supports Alarm Feature, user can set the MDS200-LB to uplink data in a short interval when the distance is out of configured range.

The LoRa wireless technology used in MDS200-LB allows device to send data and reach extremely long ranges at low data-rates. It provides ultra-long range spread spectrum communication and high interference immunity whilst minimizing current consumption.

MDS200-LB supports BLE configure and wireless OTA update which make user easy to use.

MDS200-LB is powered by 8500mAh Li-SOCI2 battery, it is designed for long term use up to 5 years.

Each MDS200-LB is pre-load with a set of unique keys for LoRaWAN registrations, register these keys to local LoRaWAN server and it will auto connect after power on.

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