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IOT Connect Smart Buildings

Smart Buildings

A smart or intelligent building uses integrated processes, smart engineering or analytics to self-regulate its environment and operations. The greatest IoT benefit for enterprises is in the increased efficiency of their security, fire detection, lighting, HVAC, elevators and other connected systems.

IOT Connect Smart Assets

Smart Assets

With primary industries such as oil and gas, manufacturing, transportation, heavy machinery construction and industrial machinery amongst others, investing billions of dollars into their assets the monitoring and analysing of these resources in order to maintain asset health and keeping an overall track of inventory is both very challenging and expensive.

IOT Connect Smart Agriculture

Smart Agriculture

Today’s agriculture industry is precise, data-centered and so much smarter than ever. The Internet of Things allows farmers and growers to stay in-touch and connected to their fields and stock like never before experienced. The next generation of smart agriculture solutions are affordable, user-friendly, and provide uninterrupted connectivity even in the most remote locations

IOT Connect Smart Cities

Smart Cities

The new Internet of Things (IoT) applications are enabling Smart Cities initiatives worldwide. It provides the ability to remotely monitor, manage and control devices, and to create new insights and actionable information from massive streams of real-time data.

IOT Connect Smart Healthcare

Smart Healthcare

With a growing, older population connected environments and associated devices will help people and hospitals with value-added services, such as at home elderly monitoring (fall detection systems or lack of activity), connected assistance (care button), tracking devices (geolocation wheelchairs or Alzheimer patients), monitoring equipment for safety (defibrillator or food temperature).

IOT Connect Smart Warehouse

Smart Warehouse

IoT-enabled smart warehouses monitoring and analytics solutions leverage web, analytics, and wireless to combine all the traditional solutions, processes, assets, and workflows into a single solution to offer a centralized consolidated tracking and monitoring and analytics system.

IOT Connect Smart Parking

Smart Parking

Innovative parking technology combined with IoT connectivity and sensors can help improve parking in various scenarios with sensors that determine where empty parking spaces are located. All the data from the parking lot is collected and analysed in real-time to produce a map of available spaces made available to those looking for a space.

IOT Connect Smart Fleet

Smart Fleet

Fleet operators, who have perceived the true potentials of IoT, are celebrating. Smart fleet management solutions, which are predicated on technologies such as telematics, cloud, big data, and largely IoT, have proven to be the real game-changer for many of the freight and transport businesses all over the world.

IOT Connect Smart Energy

Smart Energy

Energy production, delivery, and use are getting more efficient and sustainable with the Internet of Things (IoT). IoT-enabled sensors, devices, and data analytics give intelligence to equipment and deliver operational Insights, allowing energy companies to dynamically manage assets, decrease maintenance and transmission costs, and improve worker safety.

IOT Connect Smart Retail

Smart Retail

With the rapid growth of online shopping, retailers are very keen to bring the frictionless customer experience of online shopping into the store wherever they can. They want access to the same type of rich data and high-performance analytics that retailers use to drive websites and mobile shopping trips.

IOT Connect Platform

The smarter way to realize smart business potential

Smart Platform

Connect smart enterprises, with our cloud-based, no-code platform. Using IOT Connect Platform you can securely connect, monitor and scale an unlimited number of projects and business types easily and quickly without writing a single line of code. Analyse and optimize data from multiple devices and sources, across all tenants in a single pane of glass.

IOT Connect Smart Automation

Smart Automation

Harness the power of Industrial IoT with solutions designed to put data to work. Perform analytics in near-real time, implement predictive maintenance, consolidate workloads, optimize production, and enable automation. These solutions can help lower costs, speed time to market, and improve safety, efficiency, and uptime.

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