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About Us

Mobile Connectivity to the Internet of Things

IoT Connect offers real-time data management technologies, global data marketplaces, and caters exclusively in providing software solutions for the management of SIM cards in Machine-2-Machine (M2M), and Internet of Things (IOT) systems.

Cellular Connectivity Management

IOT Connect provides services for M2M and IOT devices across Australia. We supply M2M SIM Cards, Data Plans, VPN and IP Wireless Solutions.

Our software dashboard enables operators to manage their fleet of installed devices through a single view of all SIMs, structured across unlimited multiple companies, departments, sites and varying delivery methods.

Manage M2M Deployments

IOT Connect’s network first IoT solutions enable businesses to easily tap into our enterprise build ecosystem without needing to build your own infrastructure. With a fully managed service it could not be easier.

Automated Provisioning – For automatic activation and billing when the end customer powers on the device. You can remotely set SIM states such as Test Ready, Inventory, Activation Ready and Activated.

Real-Time Diagnostics – Used to spot potential causes of operational hiccups, whether they arise from network, hardware or application issues.

Automation APIs – To access your M2M data using your existing systems, such as billing systems.

Custom Alerts – A fully configurable alert engine to keep you appraised of the things that matter most to your business.

Management Rules – Rules to define the activities you would like to monitor (such as data usage, SMS activity and SIM state change) and what actions to take when these activities are triggered.

Analytics Reports – Reporting data captured from your devices, providing insights that can help drive your business.

Inventory Management – Snapshots of activities such as data consumption by users, devices in session and SIM states helping you with better inventory management.

Customer Self-Service – You to create self-service functions for your customer to help reduce operational overheads. Also personalised views to control what each customer sees or does.